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County Pest Control was founded in 1994 by David Balliet and has stayed the leading pest management company of the Lehigh Valley.  Over past 25 years we have stayed in the forefront of safe practices and alternative treatments for the betterment of the environment. Other companies use harsh chemicals that harm insects and animals without discrimination.


County Pest Control prides itself on having the knowledge and resources to target and treat specific issues using the latest and safest practices.  We aren’t just a Pest Control company.  We also maintain an apiary where we raise honeybees for the conservation of this incredibly important insect and provide our customers with locally harvested honey every year.


The long standing success and good reputation of County Pest Control lies in our company values and customer relationships.  Many of our very first customers are still with us 25 years later.  That is because we make it our highest priority to work with clients on a personal level customizing a plan and schedule that works for them.  Our technicians are licensed and educated in applying the appropriate pest control and quantities according to the best practices of the pest control industry. 


We take your concerns seriously and when we find the pest in question eradicate is safely with your family, pets, and the environment in mind.  When possible we use Integrated Pest Management strategies and green methods of control to reduce the impact on your local environment.  

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