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The Industry Has Changed!

Updated: May 23, 2022

Many of those born in the 70's remember riding their bikes behind the mosquito trucks and the political fall-out from DDT that followed. It's true... we over-used harmful insecticides with no real knowledge of their impact on humans or other animal species. However we've learned a lot since then. The chemicals used now can precisely target you species while ignoring others. There's even pesticides made of a special fungus spore that attacks insects! However the pest control industry itself has lagged behind.

Ask any of your friends and family about pest control and they immediately have a negative reaction. This is due to their personal experiences with the large corporate "exterminators". These companies have high paid sales guys selling jobs for underpaid and undertrained labor. Plaguing our industry with poor customer service, ridiculous estimates, and needlessly over spraying chemicals that harm beneficial insects like honey bees.

That's where we decided to do something different. We invested in our technician education. We believe in minimizing the use of pesticides by developing a deep knowledge of entomology. Understanding the species lets us know WHY they are there and many times no chemical treatment is necessary. We approach the industry with care and concern for the planet as we also maintain an apiary where we raise honey bees.

We spend a lot of time with customers explaining and educating them why spraying is, or more importantly isn't necessary. Many of the insect that we are afraid of are completely harmless and extremely beneficial. It's not your job to know which are which but it is your responsibility to hire a company that does!

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